HYKE Weekly Seminar

The following is the information for our weekly seminar in summer.

Date : July 10th, 2020 ~ (every Friday)
Time: 09:00am ~ 12:00pm
Place: 27-116
Text: “A Course on Rough Paths” by Peter K. Friz and Martin Hairer

Schedule for presentations

7/17:   So Young Park    (Ch 10)

7/24:   Myeongju Kang    (Ch 11)

7/31:    Hangjun Jo    (Ch 12)

8/7:   Hyun Jin An    (Ch 13)

8/14:   Hansol Park    (Ch 14)

8/21:   Dr. Woojoo Shim    (Ch 15)

If you want to join our seminar, please contact Myeongju Kang: bear0117@snu.ac.kr